Our Product Range

Aids For Daily Living

Alimed Plus Folding Reacher
Aluminium Four - Wheel Roller
Ambulation Belt
Ambulation belt w handles
Bathtub Rail
Button Hook and zipper Pull
Color Coded Handle Foam
Dress EZ
Dycem is a no-slip
Economy Hip Or Knee Kit
Economy Molded Tray
ETAC Food Prep Board
Flexi Cut Guard
Folding Commode
Grip Utensils
Hatch Heavy Duty Wheelchair Gloves
Hip Kit
Large Plastic Plate Guard
Lift-Away Lap Tray
No-Tie Stretch Lace
Patient Handler
Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests
Rocking T Knife
Safety NoSlip Mat
Sock Stocking Aid
STA-Pen Writer
Suction Based fingernail brush
Tub or Bath grab bars
Universal Plastic ADL
Weighted Universal Holder

Assessment tools

Baseline Complete Hand Evaluation Set
Baseline LITE Three-piece Hand evaluation Set
Baseline Stainless Finger Goniometer
Digital Baseline Dynamometer
Personal Rulangemeter
Purdue Pegboard
Dynamic Cognitive Battery
O Conner finger dexterity Test
O Conner Tweezer dexterity Test
Sensory Stimulation Kit

Hand Exercise Equipment

Color-Coded Therapy Putty 2 3kg Tubs
Economy Hand Exerciser 12 per box
Finger Pinch Exerciser
ProStim TENS 2500
Theraputty Tan to Blue 100g Tubs
Theraputty Tan to Blue 400g Tubs


Ball Splint Large Left
AliMed Antimicrobial-treated Blue Carrot Kit
Ball Splint Large Right
Ball Splint Medium Left
Ball Splint Medium Right
Ball Splint Small Left
Ball Splint Small Right
Bunnel 1 Reverse Knuckle Bender X-small - X-large
Dupi Spica Thumb Splint Left or Right Small - X large
Dupi Wrist Splints Regular S - XL Left or Right
Dynamic Digit Extensor Tube
Extend-It Finger Splint
Finger Splint Starter Kit
Oval-8 Sizing
Silipos DigiStrip
Viscolas Solid Polyurethane Heel Spur Cushion

Padding Materials

AliMed Moleskin
AliMed Soft Sponge
Pressure Relief Padding
Quick Stick Padding
Reston type Padding

Scar Tissue Management

Edema Glove Over Wrist 3 4 Finger Small - Large
Gel Dots
Gel Squares Adh 10x10cm
Gel Squares Non Adh 10x10cm
Gentle Compression Glove Full finger to Wrist
Mini Massager
Pressure Garment Material

Splinting Accessories

Beta Pile 2
Beta Pile 2 Self-Adhesive Straps
Fiskars Softouch Scissors
Halfsize Thermal Bath
Revolving Hole Punch
Ultrasuede Slings
Fastening Tape 25mm Adh Hook or Loop
Fastening Tape 25mm Std Hook or Loop
Fastening Tape 25mm Std Hook or Loop Beige
Fastening Tape 50mm Adh Hook or Loop
Fastening Tape 50mm Std Hook or Loop
Fastening Tape 50mm Std Hook or Loop Beige
Zytel D-Rings

Splinting Material

Klarity 1.6mm non perf
Klarity 1.6mm Perf
Klarity 2.4mm non perf
Klarity 2.4mm perf
Klarity 3.2mm Non Perf
Klarity 3.2mm Perf
Klarity Colours Black 3.2mm Black Perf
Klarity Contour Blend 2.4mm Non Perf
Klarity Contour Blend 3.2mm Perf
Klarity Contour Blend 3.2mm Non Perf
Klarity Contour Colors 3.2mm Non Perf
Klarity Contour Pro
Klarity Easy Fit 2 4mm Non Perf
Klarity Easy Fit 2 4mm Perf
Klarity Easy Fit 3 2mm Perf
Klarity EZ Easy Fit 3 2mm Non Perf
Klarity Pro 2 4mm Non perf
Klarity Pro 3 2mm Non Perf

Strapping Materials

Beta Pile 2inch x 30inch Strapping Black
Beta Pile 1inch x 60inch Strapping Tan
Beta Pile 2 Loop
Coflex 1'
Coflex 2'
Coflex 3'
Neoprene SB10
Neoprene SB2
Neoprene SB3
Neoprene SB4
Neoprene SB5 Beige
Neoprene SB6
Neoprene SB7
Neoprene SB8
Neoprene SB9
NuStim Wrap

Assessment Tools

ABC Movement Assessment Battery For Children
Angled Pin Placement
Assymmetric Pin Placement
Beery VMI 6th edit
Bi-Manual Coordination
Brief Neurological Cognitive Examination Kit
Brief Test of head injury
Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency
Chessington OT Neurological Assessment Battery
Developmental Test of Visual Perception for adults
Developmental Test of Visual Perseption
Dynamic Physical Capabilities
Eye-Hand-Foot Coordination
Hand Function Sort
Heydes Modapts Book
Independent Problem Solving
Peabody Developmental Motor Scales
Physical Capacities and Mobility Screening Evaluate
Quick Neurological Screening Test 3rd Edition
Rivermead Behaviour and Memory Test 3rd Edit
Scales Of Cognitive ability for traumatic brain in
Simple Cognitive Tasks
Small Parts Assembly
Small Tools Mechanical
Spinal Function Sort
Test Of Visual Perseptual Skills
The Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota
Todler Sensory Profile
Tool Manipulation
Upper Extremity Range Of Motion
Whole Body Range of Motion

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